R. James Lore is a highly experienced workers' compensation law firm in North Carolina, representing injured workers and specializing in industrial accidents and occupational disease, as well as professional sports injuries.  With a proven track record of success, Jim Lore has litigated hundreds of cases before the North Carolina Industrial Commission, the North Carolina Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of North Carolina.

For more than 30 years, Jim Lore has represented injured workers in North Carolina.  A consulted expert among his peers, he was among a select group that established the standards an attorney must meet to become Board Certified in Workers' Compensation.

Jim Lore helps individuals, with strength in their numbers, as he challenges large corporate firms and government entities on behalf of the people, representing plaintiffs in class action law suits.

A member of the select groups of the Panel of Workers' Compensation Attorneys for the National Football Players Association and the Professional Hockey Players Association, Jim Lore has successfully represented injured professional athletes since 1995.