Class Action

R. James Lore Law is committed to seeking justice for individuals and groups who have been wronged by large corporations, employers and insurance companies.  Class action lawsuits allow a group of people who have suffered similar injuries due to a single cause to pursue financial compensation or other remedies in a single action.  We have a proven record of securing compensation on behalf of consumers who lack resources to pursue a lawsuit as individual plaintiffs.

Generally, class action lawsuits have a named plaintiff who represents an entire class of people. There are four factors in determining if a class action can be established:

  1. The number of people adversely affected is so large that it makes individual trials impractical.
  2. The named plaintiffs' claims are similar to the rest of the class.
  3. Those representing the class can do so fairly and adequately.
  4. The plaintiffs' claims are common for all individuals that are party to the claim.

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