Professional Associations

North Carolina Advocates for Justice
(formerly North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers)

  • Member, Building Search Committee
  • Past Chair, Workers' Compensation Committee
  • Past Chair, Workers' Rights Section
  • Past Chair, Workers' Rights Legislative Subcommittee
  • Past Co-Chair, Annual Workers' Compensation and Workplace Injury Seminar
  • Past Member, Board of Governors
  • Past Member, Legislative Committee
  • Past Program Chair, NCATL Workplace Torts & Workers' Compensation Seminar (18 years)
  • Past Co-Host, Practical Skills in Workers' Compensation, Annual Meeting

Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA)

  • Past Member, Longshoreman, Harbor Workers and Workers' Compensation Committee
  • Past State Captain, North Carolina for Workers' Compensation

North Carolina Industrial Commission

Original plaintiff's counsel representative to the Commission's Advisory Council, which provides input to the Commission with respect to planning, policy and resolution of issues.

North Carolina State Bar

Original Chair, Legal Specialization Subcommittee (created and administered the examination for other counsel seeking to become board certified in the field)

North Carolina Department of Insurance

Member, Workers' Compensation Study Committee

National Football Players Association Panel of Workers' Compensation Attorneys

Member (only three appointees in North Carolina)

Professional Hockey Players Association Panel of Workers' Compensation Attorneys

Member (only two appointees in North Carolina)