Professional Sports Injuries

As a professional athlete, you push your body to the limit during both practice and play, often training year 'round to maintain precision technique and peak physical condition.  Your talent, desire and dedication are intense and need to be in order to compete as a professional athlete.

Yet, all your hard work and sacrifice can go away in a heartbeat from a misstep, a bodily collision or a blow to the head.  Or you may find, after years of committing to the sport and fans you love, that your body is in pain, strained and perhaps even broken and in need of a good deal of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Jim Lore is one of a select group of attorneys in North Carolina and the United States authorized by the National Football Players Association and the Professional Hockey Players Association to represent their respective members.  Jim's work in this area has been recognized with the Herz-Hill Award for Outstanding Advocacy Given presented by the National Football League Players Association.

As a member of the associations' Panel of Workers' Compensation Attorneys, Jim Lore is recognized by players associations as an attorney qualified to help you get the professional sports workers' compensation you deserve.

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